Volumetric Surveys

Scope Surveys specialises in volumetric surveys to help you quantifying materials.

We can accurately measure stockpiles using the following methods to calculate volumes and create 3D models.

  • GPS and total station surveying. Our surveyor can walk the ground to collect data.
  • Laser scanning. We scan the ground or materials to create a 3D point cloud which can be used to calculate volumes.
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles. We fly drones over an area to create a digital terrain model to calculate volumes or provide contoured level plans.
Volumetric Surveys by Scope Surveys, London

Looking for a volumetric survey?

Got a volumetric surveying project or requirement within Greater London or the South East? If you’d like further information on how Scope Surveys can assist you, please contact us below and we’ll respond within 24 hours. Alternatively, call us now on 020 8771 3477.